Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crash & Burn

I have two cats. Crash is a calico and Burn is a tuxie. Separately, they are wonderful pets, very loving and gentle. When they're together it's a completely different story. I used to think that Burnie was the more aggressive and that he intimidated Crash. It's not quite like that. Crash seems to be afraid of Burnie and when he wants to play, she lashes out and hisses and growls.

The other night we had the makings of another episode. Crash likes to drink from the faucet and since I have a double sink in the bathroom and I live alone, she has her own sink. As you can see from this picture, she also likes to hang out in the sink.

The other night, Burnie was just hanging out on the bathmat in the bathroom and Crash wanted a drink. I turned the water on for her, but she just sat by the door. She looked from Burnie to the sink, back to Burnie, then to the sink. Burnie just ignored her.

I didn't want to waste water and I knew she wouldn't walk past Burnie, so I picked him up and put him in the shower and closed the door. It was so cute to see him behind the glass, trying to figure out what happened. When Crash saw him locked up, she came into the room and jumped up onto the sink and had her drink.

When she was finished, I opened the door to let Burnie out. He just sat there looking around. It was so cute, but by the time I got my camera ready, he walked out.

Then we could all go to bed. Her on one side, him on the other, but I think she sleeps with one eye open so she can watch him.

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Snooty Primadona said...

Gawd, I do love cats! We have our tuxie Trouble, who is a constant source of entertainment. She's another *sink sitter* that likes to drink and play with the water from the guest bath faucet. You can cure them of their animosity, you know. Don't ask me how, lol. I just read that somewhere...