Friday, January 30, 2009

Right to Bear Children?

Have you heard about the octoplets? When I first heard, I was excited for the parents. Now, not so much.

I truly believe that anyone who wants children has a right to have those children. But not in this case. You can read the full article here (I still can't link). This woman, a single mother living with her parents already has six children.

I would never suggest that she should have aborted any of the babies, they should never have been conceived in the first place. Who is supporting her first six children, who will support these eight?

I know this is a controversial stand, but in my opinion, the embryos or fertility drugs should not be available to single women, much less to single mothers of six. Her mother said she is fairly young, possibly she was influenced by some TV shows about large families and wasn't aware that these families have the maturity and means to raise such a large family.

Taxpayers of California get ready to support a single mother of 14 or more in the coming years.

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