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Friday, January 2, 2009

I really like my house. My only problem is the storage, or lack thereof. There are other models in my community that are loaded with closets. Mine, however, isn't. So, shortly after I moved in I ordered three shelving units and this cabinet.

I had no trouble assembling the shelving, but I couldn't find any instructions for the cabinet. I opened the box, but there were no instructions. This box sat in my garage for almost three years until this year when I asked my son to see if he could assemble it.

He brought all the various pieces into the house, then the box. He turned the box around and saw this.

There were the instructions. Was my face red! If I had only just turned the box around I would have seen them and been able to put it together. A definite attack of stupid.
Now I have a wonderful cabinet in my laundry room where I can stock up on sale items, and keep all those rarely used extras.

It fits perfectly in one corner of the room and I still have room for my drying rack.

It worked out perfectly and my son didn't even make fun of me, although he had every opportunity.

1 comment:

Snooty Primadona said...

Thank goodness we have children with good minds, lol. I detest following directions anyway... ;-)