Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Margaret

My house has almost recovered from Christmas. I just have one table and tablecloth to put away, then, I think everything will be put back in place. I decided to relax and watch a little TV.

I went to Turner Classic Movies and saw, Journey for Margaret. It was almost over, but since I've always liked Margaret O'Brien I watched it. It must have been a real tearjerker because during the last half hour I cried, the tears just rolling down my cheeks. It's a good thing it had a happy ending, otherwise there would have been a flood.

Then I learned that today is Margaret O'Brien's birthday and they are showing several of her movies. When I was growing up she was one of my favorite stars.

There was one movie that sticks out in my mind. It was called Swan Lake I think. I don't quite remember the plot, but I do remember it had a lot to do with ballet. I remember walking home from the movies, walking on tiptoes and raising my curved arms over my head copying the dancers. I always wanted to be a ballet dancer even though I never had a lesson.

Anyway, The Secret Garden was on too, and I planned on watching that along with Little Women, then all plans changed with the plane crash, so nothing got done today. I needed a day off anyway. Between my walking at the gym and all the Christmas recovery, I've had a busy week.

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hmk said...

I loved Margaret O'Brien, too.
When I was very young, my father brought me to Radiop City Music Hall to see "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes"
I'm pretty sure Margaret O'B. was a star in the picture. Edward G. Robinson was in it too.
I was so excited to be taken to the city by my father.
I can remember now clear as day.
I'd forgotten till you mentioned Margaret O'Brien.
What ever became of her?
Is she still alive?