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Saturday, January 24, 2009


As promised, I'm giving Burn almost equal time. But first I have to tell you something about him. Almost every morning he wakes me up around 6:00, I guess he's hungry. I wouldn't mind if he just meowed, but no, he has to tap me. The problem is that he doesn't control his claws very well and he winds up poking me in the face with his claws. Sometimes he even tries to comb my hair.

This morning was the worst. There I was peacefully enjoying an early Saturday morning when he jumped onto the bed and then onto me, then onto my head. I tried ignoring him, but it was very difficult, especially with what felt like a 50 lb. cat (I know he doesn't weigh that much, but it felt like it) on my head.

Of course, I did get up and feed him and he was very happy. Naturally, getting me up and eating breakfast is very tiring, so he had to take his morning nap. This is how he usually sleeps.

I guess I woke him up, but he is still very relaxed. Now if only he'd let me relax too.

I don't know how he can bend like that.
They can be difficult, but they are a lot of fun.


HMK said...

Burn has rubber bones!
He must make you laugh at his contortions.
Obviously VERY comfortable with you.

Snooty Primadona said...

*Burn* could pass for a relative of my cat Trouble. Kwazy Kats! I keep trying to get a normal shot of Trouble but she always does the rub-my-tummy bit.