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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I think I watch too much television. Tonight I'm going to again critique a commercial.

This time the Brita water treatment is the subject of my complaint. The commercial usually opens with a shot of a bottle of water and subtitles such as "30 minutes on a treadmill", or "45 minutes in a meeting" and ends with "forever in a landfill".

As someone who has always recycled, even before it was mandatory, I find this very offensive. I may drink bottled water, but my bottles never find their way to a landfill, unless of course, the recycler dumps them. I save all my bottles and recycle all of them.

I still haven't found a better series of commercials than those of Liberty Mutual. This series shows people witnessing someone helping a stranger and then the witness helps someone else and so on and so on. The theme is responsibility. This series is my all time favorite.

Yes, I probably do watch way too much TV.

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