Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm back from my latest geographical exploration and have managed to take back my blog. Unfortunately, Crash made me promise to allow her to write from time to time. For a while, I'll be writing about my adventure.

I had a wonderful time in France, but I want to purge my memory of the worst part of the trip so I can have only wonderful memories.

I arrived in Paris at Charles deGaulle Airport around 8:30 AM on a weekday. Now, I'm not a frequent traveler and this was my first trip overseas, but I expected the plane, an Air France flight, would connect with a jetway. Instead, they rolled a set of stairs onto the tarmac to meet our plane and we had to walk down those stairs. Then we got on a bus to take us to the terminal where our passports were stamped. I've been told this is quite common out of the United States.

On the return trip, we had a flight from Strasbourg at 6:45 AM to Paris. Again, we had a set of stairs rolled up to our plane on the tarmac. There was a difference this time though. From the plane, we walked to a bus which took us to a terminal. Then, we had to walk to a train which took us to another terminal where we had to go through security all over again.

This airport, while huge, is new. I can't understand why they could not have made the terminals closer, particularly since all the flights were with the same airline (Air France).

Now that I have done my complaining, I can concentrate on remembering all the good times of this trip, such as the wines, cheeses, chocolates, and architecture. Did I mention the wines, chocolates and pastries?

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