Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I recently flew on Air France and it was a wonderful experience. This was my first overseas flight so the comparison with domestic airlines might be unfair.

My most recent experience with a domestic flight was also very positve. I cashed in miles in order to fly first class. On the domestic flight on Delta there was a bottle of water at my seat and shortly after take-off the flight attendant came around offering drinks, which they did frequently during the flight. I was also served a meal, even though the flight was only about three or four hours.

On Air France where I flew coach, I was also offered a choice of drink - water, wine, coffee, tea and a snack. I chose champagne. Since this was a seven hour flight, there was also a meal. We received a choice - meat or fish. Again, a choice of beverage with the meal. I chose wine. Later on, we also had another snack.

I do agree with the management of domestic airlines that they are in the business of transportation, not meal service. After all, I would prefer to arrive at my destination hungry, than not arrive at all.

The meal, drinks and snacks are not necessary to a pleasant flight, but they are a very nice touch.

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