Monday, November 19, 2007

Weird News

It's time for more weird news.

An orange and white cat was reported missing from his New Jersey home at the end of October. He was found more than two weeks later in Georgia. It seems that he may have hitched a ride on a moving van and traveled about 800 miles before he was trapped outdoors, brought to an animal shelter and identified by a microchip scan.

A mass wedding in Malasia was scrapped after an imam and state religious official came to blows. The official said the ceremony wasn't properly sanctioned and tried to stop it. The imam reacted by trying to choke the official. Maybe both men should have forever held their peace.

Some 20 Afghan girls are hoping to make history by putting together their country's first women's boxing team. Many people are trying to stop them from participating in sports by saying it is not good for women. They feel sports, particularly boxing, is a way out of violence for Afghanistan.

Eight cows broke free from a truck when the driver pulled into the parking lot of a McDonald's in Utah. Apparently they saw their future and didn't like it. It took two hours to round up the cows in what police dubbed "Operation Hamburger Helper."

Finally, there is a cat in England who walks away from his home every night and then waits at the exact same spot 1 1/2 miles away to be picked up by his owner the next morning on her way home after dropping her son off at school.

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