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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adventures in the City

Today I went into the City for the first of three lectures on the language of music at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I got there very early so I decided to walk from the Port Authority to the museum at 82nd & 5th. The last five blocks were very rough.

The lecture was very good. I learned a few things. I hadn't known that Mozart had a father - who was a composer also. His name was Leopold.

While I was waiting for the lecture to begin I started talking with two other women who were waiting for their friends. We had a great time and all agreed there's no place like NEW YORK. When her friend got there, one of the women said she would like to introduce her friend to her new best friends, but didn't know our names. I thought that was so cute.

When the lecture was over I wandered around the museum for a little while, but my long walk caught up with me. Hopefully next week I'll be smarter and take the subway to the museum so I can enjoy all the exhibits. The few that I saw were very impressive.

I'm looking forward to next week.

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