Sunday, November 18, 2007

Medical Problems

Today, while I was filling my trash bag for the day I turned on the TV. I didn't want to watch sports or political or news shows, so I tuned in The Learning Channel. They were doing a marathon of Mystery Diagnosis, not to be confused with Diagnosis Murder with Dick VanDyke.

There are so many rare diseases out there. I watched for five hours and they covered three illnesses each hour. I felt badly for the people who suffered for years before they were diagnosed. There were even some doctors who hinted that the problems were psychological. That must be so frustrating.

After watching for so long, I realized that I don't have any hypochondriacal tendencies, if I did I'd be in some emergency room with severe pain, dizziness, eye problems, stomach problems, etc. I'm also very thankful that I don't have any of those symptoms.

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