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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This past weekend I took a trip out to Riverhead, LI to visit relatives.  I had made reservations at a hotel chain where I am an "honored" member.  Since this was a holiday weekend and there were a couple of weddings staying at the hotel, rooms were limited. 

I have a profile with this chain and in it I specify that I prefer a lower floor since I've never been comfortable riding in elevators and it has gotten worse since I'm retired and don't have to any more.  The woman at the desk assigned me a room on the 3rd floor and then realized that I prefer a lower floor.  Instead of telling her that I could take the 3rd floor, I kept quiet.  She kept checking available rooms and finally asked a co-worker if she could do it.  I wondered what she meant, then she said she could give me an upgrade.

I was thrilled, what kind of upgrade would it be.  Might I possibly be getting a suite?  She finished the process of checking me in, noted the room number and gave me my keys.  I moved my car around to be nearer my room and checked it out.

This was my upgrade

I've never heard of having a bathtub so close to the bed.  It's a good thing I don't walk in my sleep.

I guess the upgrade was that it was a Jacuzzi tub, but not quite what I had expected.  Oh well.

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