Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hi, it's me Crash.  See that picture up there.  I was very young then.  I'm getting old now and can't climb to the top of the cabinets any more.  That was fun.  I could look down and watch everybody and not get in anyone's way.
Mom complains now that I'm always underfoot.  I don't know what that means because she doesn't step on me.  I just try to stay next to her, maybe sometimes in front of her.  It's fun.

She bought us some food today and came home telling us all about the cute kittens she saw at the store.  I think she really wants a kitten.  I think she's crazy.  Burnie and I are all the cats she needs.  We give her all the love she needs.  We let her sit next to us, we make sure she gets up on time in the morning.  I even help her stretch her back in the morning. 

I sit next to her when she's on the computer and I meow and meow until she stops what she's doing and bends down to pick me up.  Then I move around so she can't catch me and she has to keep stretching her back.  Then I let her pick me up and I purr so she feels good.  She says her back doesn't hurt so much since we've been playing our game.

Well, gotta go.  I have some bags to check out.  I wonder what food mom bought for us today.

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