Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hi, Burnie here.  I had a very good week.  First, mom had her cleaning ladies here, so  I had to be locked up with Crash for a very long time.  But I didn't mind too much because she has to use catnip to get us into the room.  I'd really go into the room on my own, but if she wants to give me some catnip, I'll gladly take it.  Don't tell her though.

Then, later in the week, she had some company.  Four of her friends came for coffee and cake.  The best part is that none of them is allergic to cats, so Crash and I had the run of the house.  I got lots of pets and scratches from them.  It was so nice.  Usually, when mom has company, someone in the group is allergic to cats so we have to be locked up.  I like these new friends better.

Well, that's about it for now, time for my nap.

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