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Friday, May 30, 2014

A Problem

I have a problem.  I have decided that I should visit every presidential home/library.  I've already visited the homes/libraries of Presidents T. Roosevelt, H. Truman, D. Eisenhower and J. Kennedy.

I decided that this year I would take about four days and drive to Virginia and visit Mount Vernon and Monticello.  I mentioned this to some friends and they reminded me that James Madison had a home near there.  Okay, I can still visit three homes; my trip would be a little longer than the four days I planned.  I'll just take one extra day.

Last week I decided to do some research and discovered that James Monroe was a neighbor of Thomas Jefferson.  Add one more to the list.  Then I read that Woodrow Wilson's library was also nearby.  Now I was up to six days.

Today I was looking at a book from Virginia tourism and discovered that William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor also lived in Virginia.  John Tyler is buried in Virginia.

Now it looks as if I'll have to make several short trips to Virginia rather than one long trip this year.  I simply can't take a two week road trip because I have other vacations planned and Crash and Burn might not let me back in the house if I keep leaving them.

I'm very fortunate to have such a problem;  I'm still healthy enough, physically and mentally,  to travel.

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