Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Real Story

Last week, Crash told you that she was very tired because mom was so busy all week that she didn't get a chance to nap.
Let me tell you the real story.  Crash and I were both so tired, that's true.  The real reason we were so tired was that we may have been a little (just a little) bit hungover.  Mom always gives us some catnip as a bribe to keep us quiet when we're locked up.  That day, she knew we would be locked up for a very long time, so she gave us a lot of catnip to bring us into the room and to keep us quiet.
Look at those pictures.  Don't we look like we had a little too much catnip?  I'm not complaining, it was good, but then, mom had to take our pictures to show the world that we enjoyed our catnip too much.

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