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Friday, April 4, 2014


Ever since I moved into my home about 8 years ago, there was one thing I've wanted.  Every time I stopped at the store, I would check out the display.  There was always the same question, did I really need it, would I use it or why should I buy one?

Today, I finally decided.  I checked it out on-line, at different stores and then went to the store and ordered it.  It will be delivered tomorrow.

I bought a wine refrigerator.  I like to keep a supply of various wines and as a result of not having enough storage, I keep the bottles in various rooms.  There was one time when I opened a drawer in my closet and found a bottle that I had forgotten about.  If you saw the various places where I keep my wine, you would think I had a problem.  I don't.

Now, they will all be in the same place.  I can store 45 bottles, both red and white in one place.  That will open some storage room for other stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Good Idea