Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hi there.  I think spring is here.  It was so sunny today I got a chance to sit in the window and watch the cars go by.  The sun is so nice and warm, it's very good for my bad leg.  Mom thinks my leg is really OK and that I fake it to get attention.  But she's wrong, I really do have a bad leg, but maybe sometimes, just sometimes I do fake it to make mom feel guilty for leaving us for a geographical exploration.

Anyway, I heard some birds today too.  They sounded so happy.  I wanted to go out, but mom wouldn't open the door for me.  She thinks I'd run away and get lost and then she'd never see me again.  I wouldn't do that, even if Crash thinks it would be a good idea.  I know I have a great life here, good food, nice snacks, a warm couch to sleep on.  Ah, the good life.  I'm so glad that I walked into that house that night.  I chose a very good family for myself.


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