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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi, hope I'm not too late, I almost forgot that this is my day to speak.  I'd really like to write more often, but mom doesn't let me.  So sometimes I forget.

Every day I play this game with mom.  Whenever she's at the computer, I talk to her and tap her leg to let her know I'm here.  Sometimes I get a little carried away and let my claws out, then she screams and yells at me to stop.  But I don't.

I wait by her feet until she offers to pick me up, then I walk away.  While she's bending over, I walk around her, just far enough away so she can't catch me.  Eventually I let her catch me, then I relax in her arms.  Sometimes she puts a video on for me, I like that.

Yesterday, she put one on that scared me.  It showed how things look from the sky, I was afraid I was flying and would fall.  Mom put me down gently and I was able to go for my nap.

Which reminds me, it's time for my late afternoon nap.  Talk to you soon, Crash

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momcat said...

Your cats are adorable and VERY smart!