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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oh, Hi!  It's me, Burnie.  I don't know whether to feel angry, jealous or sad today.

Mom went to the store to buy some snacks for Crash and me.  That was good, but she usually buys us each a toy when she goes to this store.  Today, she didn't.  She said that we have enough toys.  I don't think you can ever have enough toys.

Then, she went on and on about this cute little puppy she met.  She said the puppy was so friendly and furry, just like me.  Mom also said that if she were to get a dog (can you believe it, a DOG), she would get a St. Bernard just like the one she saw today.  She thinks they are soooo cute.  I've seen pictures of St. Bernards and I think they would think that I'm sooo delicious.  I'm sure glad mom didn't buy me a St. Bernard today.

Mom, also saw a lot of little kittens up for adoption.  She thought they were so cute too.  She didn't adopt any though.  I'm glad because I don't think Crash would like another cat.  She barely likes having me around.

Anyway, mom bought us lots of snacks and food.  I don't have to worry about going hungry for a couple of weeks.  Thanks mom, even though you didn't buy me a toy.

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