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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Coming Tragedy

I just read an article that covers the next big problem about to hit our nation.  According to the newspaper, this may affect more people than Global Warming (now known as Climate Change), the Polar Vortex, blizzards, freezing temperatures.

I’m talking about a national clown shortage. 

Who will warm our hearts when the next Ice Age hits?  How many companies will lose money and have to close their doors?  If there is no market for large balloon noses and oversized shoes, who will bring a smile to the face of those who are laid off? 

It’s a vicious circle.  No clowns to buy the noses to bring a little cheer to the unemployed who are unemployed because there are no clowns.

I know that may not seem important, but what about the other jobs that will be lost.  There will be nobody to buy the elaborate make-up and wild wigs and the outrageous clothes.  What will the seltzer companies do when there are no more clowns to buy their product?  Will we ever again see 10 grown men exiting a small car?  What will happen to the circus or the rodeos?  Who will sweep the shadow into a dustpan?

Clowning is truly a dying art.  Many of the older clowns are too old and there are not so many young people interested in clowning.

It’s time to make clowning more glamorous.  We have to get out the word that Clowning can be a wonderful profession.  More education is needed to get young people interested in Clowning.

Save the Clowns!


Snooty Primadona said...

It's all Stephen King's fault. I've hated clowns ever since reading "It".

Pamela said...

there are a few clowns out there that don't even know they are