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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hi, my name is Burn, but you can call me Burnie.

I live in a very nice house with Mom and another cat, Crash.  Crash doesn't like me very much, but I like her and would really like to play with her some day.  She just hisses and growls at me whenever I even look at her.

Enough about Crash.  Would you like to learn something about me?  Way before I came to live in this house, I lived on the street.  One day I saw someone open his door, so I scooted in before he realized it.  He thought I was cute, so he let me stay.  That's where I met Crash.

One day my friend went to work and didn't come back.  His other friend stayed in the house, but she kept adding more and more animals.  First there was a big dog, then another dog.  Then she took in two other cats and a bird, a rabbit and some other animals that I don't know what they were.

One day, Mom decided that she really had room in her house for another cat.  She had already taken Crash to live with her, so she chose me.  This new house had lots of trees that had lots of birds.  I like looking at birds.  There also were some other animals, Mom called them deer.  They used to wander through the yard.  I never went out, just sat in the window and watched all the deer and birds.

Soon, Mom decided that that house wasn't the right one.  So she piled us in our carriers into the car and we took a long ride to our new place.  I was so happy to be riding in the car that I sang to Mom all the way.  Sometimes Crash joined in my song.  Mom didn't appreciate our singing.  When we got to our new home, she said that that was the last time we would be going anywhere in the car.

She lied.  A few weeks later she took me to a vet because I cough a lot and also limp (but that's another story).  The vet said I was OK and gave mom some sticky medicine to put on my paws when I cough, though I don't see how medicine on my feet will help my cough, but it does.

I really like my new home.  I can sit in the window and watch the cars go by.  I also watch whenever dogs go by with their people.  When it rains and snows I'm so glad that I don't have to go out for a walk.

Well, now that you know something about me, I hope you'll enjoy hearing from Crash and me about our adventures every week.


Snooty Primadona said...

I have a Tuxedo cat too. Funny cats, they are. Mine is named Trouble. Never name a cat Trouble...

Pamela said...

my cat yowls at the door to go out... and I want to badly for her to stay in and be a forever indoor cat.

I laughed at the sing-a-long on your journey.