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Friday, February 28, 2014

Crash Speaks

Now this is a sight you don't see often.  Mom bought these beds for us.  They were very comfy in the beginning, but I don't sleep in mine anymore.

Burnie and I don't usually get this close.  He must have come onto the couch while I was sound asleep.  If I was awake, he wouldn't get this close and if he did, I would have run away.

He's such a pest and I hate it when he stares at me.  I try my best to scare him by growling and hissing, but he just looks so innocent.  Then I get in trouble for growling and mom says I should be more tolerant of him.  When he stares too long, I just run away.

Last night at bedtime, I went into the bedroom right on time.  Burnie tried to get in, but I wouldn't let him.  Finally, Mom opened the door a little more and he just waltzed right in.  He didn't stay long, so I had Mom to myself until this morning.  I like that.

1 comment:

Pamela said...

cute .. . I just posted about our cat, too.

Those cats look well-fed!