Friday, February 7, 2014


Last October, my right shoulder started bothering me whenever I slept on my right side.  So I stopped, but it didn't.  Then I thought that possibly, maybe, I was spending too much time playing games on the computer and strained my right arm.  I switched the mouse to my left hand, but that didn't help.

My shoulder kept getting worse, but I didn't have time to see a doctor.  There was Christmas, then my trip to Iceland and then the weather.  I don't drive in snow, never had to, so I never had much experience there.

Of course, living in the state where I do, that being the state of denial, I kept putting it off.  Yesterday, the pain was much worse.  I found it hard to lift anything and getting dressed was becoming more and more difficult. 

So, at 10:45 AM yesterday I called the doctor for an appointment.  After being on hold for a few minutes, his receptionist came on the line.  I explained my problem and she asked if I could be there at 11:30 that same morning.  After all I've been hearing about long waits to see a doctor, I was shocked.  I tell you, completely shocked.

I put on a little make-up and combed my hair and went to the doctor.  When I got to his office, I barely had time to hang up my coat and sit down when I was ushered into the examining room.  My whole time there could not have been more than 15 minutes total.

My shoulder?  The doctor thinks it's either an inflammation, bursitis or a stressed rotator cup.  He gave me some anti-inflammatory pills and a prescription for therapy.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to have an MRI.  It's starting to feel better already.

Since I didn't have to wait weeks for an appointment, my conclusion is that my doctor is extremely efficient, or he doesn't have many patients and had to dust off his office so that I could come in.  I vote for efficiency.

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