Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Books are Done

Now that the election is over and the president has another four years, the chefs in the Labor Department have come out with more accurate first time unemployment numbers.  Isn't it strange that first time claims are now 439,000, up from the rosy figures we were given the past few weeks (before the election).  Last week they were 361,000.

I suspected this would happen, so I'm not surprised.  I wonder if any of those people who voted for the president are.


Joan said...

THEY do not care....THEY are ZOMBIES!

Anonymous said...

I heard of lay offs a couple of days following the election, didn't take long. Now, hostess. More to come. linda

BetteJo said...

Most of the people who voted for this president have no idea because they believe everything the main stream media tells them. Disgusting.