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Friday, November 9, 2012

Late News

Why are we finding out about this only now?

Last week, before the election, the Iranians fired on an unmanned and unarmed drone that was flying over international waters.  As far as I know, there was no damage.

The only damage was to the truth.  This information should have been released to the public immediately.  This is another case of the president covering up what should have been public knowledge in order to help his campaign.

I guess his campaign chant, "Four more years" really means four more years of incompetance and cover-ups.


Anonymous said...

I am not expecting any change for the better...linda

Anonymous said...

Now we have another scape goat, the General! When willthe truth come out, fifty years? linda

Joan said...

My, transparent this Administration is...NOT! I am hoping that O will not be able to escape his role in the whole Benghazi cover-up.....had he been a Republican he would have been up for impeachment already!