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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Credit Card Review

I'm sure this is nothing new, but I've only recently been taking advantage of it. This year, when my credit card company informed me that I could get a review of my charges this past year, I took it.

It was quite an eye opener. I was shocked to see how much I put on my credit card this past year. I always pay off the balance each month, so I never really noticed how much I actually charge over the course of the year. In order to earn miles, I charge everything, even groceries.

The biggest shock came in the retail category. I didn't realize I spent so much, most of it with QVC. They have such good stuff that I haven't been able to resist. Hopefully, this year I'll do better this year. So far I've been good even though I've been tempted by the Keurig coffee maker and a clothes steamer.

My goal is to get through this month without buying anything. I'll take it one month at a time. Maybe just one purchase a month.


Mary ms/sss said...

If you absolutely have to buy something, go for the Keurig! I used to "visit" it at Costco for a long long time. Finally, my daughter said, "Mom, just buy it!" I did and that was the right thing.
Mary ms/sss

BetteJo said...

I just bought a Keurig too! Anyway. I would be afraid to see an itemized list of what I spend money on. Every month I say - okay - no nickel and diming myself this month, say no to shopping. But my mantra seems to be - oh - it's only 20 dollars. It's only 30 dollars ... and on and on. Yikes!

Pamela said...

our credit card called and informed us that were increasing our interest to usary rates.

We're cutting up that card and killing that balance ASAP.