Saturday, June 5, 2010


Since I was a teenager, my family always gathered to watch the various races of the Triple Crown. This year, for some reason, I forgot about the Derby and Preakness. BUT, today I remembered the Belmont.

I hadn't followed any of the horses. I'm not a betting person so the odds didn't mean anything. I have a very scientific system for picking a horse. What does the name say to me? As they were going through the horses and their odds, I heard Drosselmeyer. I immediately thought of The Nutcracker. That was it. My second choice was First Dude. After all, if you're not betting, there's no limit on your picks.

There I was, sitting alone in the living room, not even the cats were near. I heard the call - Drosselmeyer in 7th, then 5th. Then I really got excited. I'm so glad the windows were closed because I sat there cheering and yelling. I even applauded the win.

I'm happy to report that sanity returned and I'm back to normal. At least until the Yankees make it to the Series again.

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