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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's so nice to come home and be greeted at the door. Lately, Crash has gotten into the habit of running to the door when I come home. I've been thinking about her actions, and it seems that she is having an identity problem.

She sits at my feet whenever I eat. If I ignore her, she gently reminds me that she's there by tapping my knee and showing her empty mouth. She actually begs for food. She also follows me all around the house and even sits next to me on the couch when she takes a nap. When I take my shower in the morning, she sits by the shower until I get out and start drying myself. It's almost as if she stays by me in case I fall, although I don't know what she could do.

All of this behavior is normal for a dog, but as we all know, Crash is a cat.
Funny, I always thought that cats were aloof and independent. Do you think I should have a little chat and remind her that she is a cat and not a dog?


BetteJo said...

I have a 12 and a 13 year old cat. Or 13 and 14, not sure. And 2 others. But where I was going is - the older they get the more they seem to want attention. They aren't looking to play as much as to cuddle and be next to me all the time. I've read that they do this as they get older. Don't know how old your kitty is but it's a thought.

HMK said...

A little chat is in order!

Pamela said...

she must think you are her baby
we have our daughter's cat (2 plus years now) and she follows my husband (WR) around quite a bit.

He is amused. I'm ticked. ha ha