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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Influence of my Mother

Back on Mother's Day I wrote about the men in my life who influenced my do-it-yourselfness. Today, for Father' Day I'm going to tell you a little about my mother and how she influenced me. And it all relates to the patio furniture I also wrote about on Mother's Day.

A friend of mine liked my set and the price so much, she ordered a set of her own. Then she asked me to put it together. Everything went smoothly, one chair and two hassocks went together easily. Then it came to the last chair.

I just couldn't get the bolt through the hole, it kept going in crooked. I checked and saw that there was a very small piece of metal getting in the way. My friend was going to look into returning the one chair.

Then I remembered my mother. Whenever she was faced with an obstacle, she would say, "Nothing says no to me". Then she would keep working for a solution until she found one.
I followed her example and kept working. I got my tools together and just worked on that little piece of metal until it fell off.

The rest of the assembly went smoothly and my friend was able to sit outside on her new chair and read her book.

Thank you mom.


Mary P said...

Our mothers were made of great "stuff" and our fathers recognized it. That's why today we honor these men by saying, "Happy Father's Day and thank you, Dad. Good choice!"

Pamela said...

There was a day that I was independent like that.