Sunday, August 30, 2009


When I started work as a secretary right out of high school, I never dreamed I would end my work days in an insurance company. After all, I worked for an engineering company, then patent lawyers, then Wall Street. After being home for 15 years, I got a job at an insurance company. It turned out to be the best job I ever had. I had dreams of staying there until I retired. That didn't last because of a takeover of our company. I then went to another insurance company.

My 17 years experience in insurance has had its effect on me. I once had a lawyer tell me that he would never pick me for a jury because I had an "insurance mentality". I laughed it off. Now, I'm beginning to believe him. I find myself looking around and seeing some sort of risk everywhere.

Knowing my background, you will now understand what I'm saying now. Our parish recently built a new church and rearranged the parking lot. I see a lot of risks. For one thing, there is a lot of wasted space in the parking lot. Sections of the lot are divided by ravines, which in themselves are not a bad thing, but when it rains (and we've had a lot lately), we have standing water which is a breeding ground for mosquitos. I also worry that someone will pull into the space too fast and go into the ravine.

Once you get past the parking lot, you enter this very modern church which is designed to resemble a tent (I can't imagine why). The Holy Water Font is quite large and impressive. The problem with this is that it is on two levels. The top level is high enough to dip your finger into, but the lower level is only about two feet off the ground and quite large. It's hard to miss. I wonder how long it will be until someone falls into it, or a child decides to take a dip.

OK, now we've passed the Holy Water and it's time to walk down the aisle to our seat, which is very comfortable. Unfortunately, the aisle is on a slant, I've seen an elderly man with a walker have a hard time walking down the aisle. There are many senior communities in our parish and I believe this is an accident waiting to happen.

There also is the problem of a funeral. We all know the casket is wheeled into the church and up to the altar. I'm sure the funeral director and pallbearers have a hard time keeping the casket from speeding down the aisle.

Or, how about a wedding with a flower girl who goes rushing down the aisle, what if she gets going too fast and falls.

I've even had a problem with the slant when I used to go closer to the altar. Now I stay further back and it's not as bad.

I can see the lawsuits now. What was wrong with the architect who designed the church? Didn't anyone see these potential problems? Or, is it me? Do I really see risk at every turn and do I really have an "insurance mentality"?

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ms/sss said...

This is one of the best blogs ever! I still can't stop laughing (reverently, of course) at your concern for the casket on wheels. If Heaven is all it's made out to be, I would think that the dearly departed would be grateful for the Church's help in getting there so quickly. What do you think?