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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just finished watching a show on TLC called, Truth Be Told. I don't know if the subject matter is the same every week, but tonight they dealt with hoarders.

It's really frightening to see how these people have lost control and can't throw anything out while still accumulating more. They showed one woman who was driving with her son to Goodwill to make some donations. She insisted on stopping at one curb to pick up something that someone else had thrown out. They had a huge argument and she drove off without him. She is still "collecting".

There was one success story. A man who had so much stuff that he couldn't use his bathtub was helped. He had an organizer work with him and show him how he could conquer the mess a little at a time. He has gotten his apartment in order and can now take a bath. He also continues to work at cleaning everyday.

While I was watching, I started looking around. My house is nowhere near as messy as those shown, but, with very little effort I could let things go around here and make excuses for not throwing out some of my junk. While the show was on, I got a box from my closet. It was full of underwear two sizes too small. I can see holding on to one size smaller, but two. It was a small box, but I threw everything out.

I feel so inspired I just want to attack my closet tonight, but I still need my rest so it will wait until tomorrow. I need a little reminder every now and then to keep after the junk, or someday you'll read about me as another Collyer family member. Hoarding is a sickness, but it starts with saving little things, then progresses to saving and collecting everything.

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BetteJo said...

My sister is close to that, she has always had stacks and stacks of things in most of her living space, although with her it tends to be - anything that could possibly be used in some fashion as a craft supply. Everything from pill bottles to coffee can lids and anything else she thought she could make into something. I don't understand it myself, but those people are definitely out there.