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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a reputation. I didn't realize it until just recently.

My reputation isn't bad, at least I don't think so. My reputation is as a traveller. Every time I see someone I haven't seen for a while, the first question they ask is, "What trips have you taken lately?" I never made the connection before. Everyone just expects that I either have just returned, or am going on a trip.

Just because since I've retired, I've driven across the country, taken a train trip across the country, visited the Canadian Rockies, cruised to Alaska and the Caribbean, gone to Seattle at least 3 times, travelled on a barge in France and keep my suitcase ready with some staples, people think I like to travel. Wherever would they get that idea.

Now, I'm almost ashamed of myself. This year I've only been to Lake George and will go to Boston next month. I'm really slacking off and there are only 4 more months to go this year. I know I have to reschedule my Gettysburg trip, but I have no other plans.

Hopefully next year will be better. After all I have my reputation to consider.

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