Friday, June 26, 2015

Pope Francis' Comments

I'm quite surprised at the reaction of the media about Pope Francis' recent comments on divorce.  He said that sometimes divorce is "morally necessary".  This would apply in the case of abuse. 

When I was in either grammar school or high school, I can remember one of the nuns telling us that divorce was permissible if it was for your safety.  Divorce was permissible, but remarriage was not.

It has always been possible to receive an annulment which states that because of various reasons, e.g. immaturity, deceit, etc. there was no sacrament of matrimony for the parties involved.  Therefore, you would have a civil divorce and an annulment of the church blessing in the form of a sacrament of matrimony.

I know I didn't dream that Sister told us that, so I'm surprised that the Pope's comments are such a shock to so many educated people.  Guess they either didn't go to the right schools or weren't paying attention that day.

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