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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confederate Flag and History

All this controversy over the confederate flag has gotten me to thinking about the repercussions and attempts to eliminate history.

I've heard some commentators mention their feelings on the flag, and now I have a better understanding of why it is so offensive to some, but we do have to realize that the past did happen.  But, it is the past and we are more knowledgable and understanding.  We should also note that this flag was used by southern democrats in the 60's to protest and try to stop integration.  Those protesting the flag the loudest now are members of the party that was the biggest offender.  On a side note, I have always wondered why black people usually vote democrat since it was the democrats in the south who held them back,  But some day I'll try to analyze that.

If we go the route that some people are taking, removing statues of leaders of the confederacy, it seems that we are trying to change history.

Yes, slavery was wrong, but back in the early days of our republic, it was legal.  People had a right to own slaves, few people would have willingly freed their slaves.  Eliminating their place of honor in our history would be the same as arresting me because back in the late 60's my husband and I brought a rifle on a flight to Denver.  I don't  believe laws can be retro-active.

If the current trend continues, the state of Washington will have to change its name, George Washington's picture would have to be removed from the one dollar bill and his portrait removed from every government office.  Yes, that great man, the Father of our Country, owned slaves.  True, they were freed, but not until George Washington died and had no future need for them.  Several of our presidents owned slaves - Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, etc.  In fact, of our early presidents, only John Adams and John Quincy Adams did not.  One of Andrew Jackson's businesses engaged in the slave trade.  Are we going to remove all traces and places of honor to all of these presidents?

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