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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi, it's me Burnie.  I know it's not my usual day to write, but I wanted to bring you up to date on everything.  I know that Crash told you that I was in the hospital.  I'm home now, mom picked me up this morning.  Here are some pictures of me in the hospital checking out the visiting room.  Mom came to visit whenever she could, but she had a trip planned that she couldn't cancel.  I only stayed in the hospital two days after I started feeling better, so I wouldn't have been able to come home if mom had cancelled her trip.


It was an OK room, but sometimes when I was relaxing there would be loud noises that scared me.  It's a good thing that mom was visiting then.  They shaved some of my fur around my neck so they could give me my insulin.  They also shaved part of my leg.  It looks like they wanted to make me look like a poodle but changed their minds.  They were giving me some medicine into my leg and they wanted to keep part of the needle there so that put that thing around my neck.  It was so humiliating to wear AND it had a pink trim.  Don't they know that pink is for girls and I'm a boy.

Anyway, I'm home now.  I guess I'm feeling better because I was able to jump up onto the couch which I couldn't do two weeks ago., but there's no food anywhere.  Mom says that I have to be fed on a schedule.  I don't like that.  And Crash isn't too happy to see me.  She just stares and growls at me.  I guess she liked being the only cat for a week.  Sorry Crash, I'm baaaaack and planning on staying for a long time.

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