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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hi, Burnie here.  Mom's been home from her trip for almost two weeks.  Do you think if I sleep in her suitcase, she'll stay home.?

I doubt it.

I've been home from the hospital for almost two weeks, but mom still insists on giving me a needle every day, TWICE  a day, whether I  need it or not.  It's not fair, Crash doesn't get it.  I try wiggling away from her, but she holds on so tight.  I get even though.  I insist on laying on the floor so she has to bend way down to give me a shot.  That makes her very uncomfortable.  It serves her right, that needle hurts.

I did find a good hiding place.  She has a big cabinet and I go behind it in the corner.  She can't fit.  Maybe she'll take the hint that I just don't like those needles.  We're going to see the doctor this week.  Maybe she'll say I don't need those needles anymore.  Toes crossed.

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