Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crash here.  Mom's not very nice and not all fair.
I'm sure you've heard all about her experiments with her cookbooks.  She's been making all sorts of things that smell up the house.  They smell so good.  Every time she makes something, I really believe that should look for another opinion about the food - me.  I try to stay out of her way, I show her how empty my mouth is and I show her my teeth so she can see just how well I can chew.
Does she share any of her food with me?  No.  Her excuse always is that it's too spicy or that she doesn't think it would be good for a cat, or even that my tummy can't handle it and it might make me sick.  Why doesn't she let me be the judge of that.
Maybe she'll let me try something now that I've let everyone know how mean she is to me.  Is she trying to starve me?  All I get to eat is half a can of special food, some crunchy treats and a constant supply of dry food.  How is a cat to survive?

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