Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Adventures in Cooking

Back in June I wrote about my attempt at General Tao's Chicken.  Well, I'm a very stubborn person and don't like to give up.  I tried again today.

I had my rice and noodles all ready.  I followed the recipe to the letter.  I checked and double checked each instruction. 

Success!  It was very good, but now I know why so many people are afraid to order it, or they ask for it to be less spicy.  It was VERY SPICY.  Maybe I shouldn't have used the crushed red pepper.

I did make one mistake with the meal.

Whenever I try a new recipe, or retry one where I made an error, I always have a glass of wine.  To my way of thinking, if the meal is a disaster, at least I can have a good glass of wine.  Tonight, I chose a nice merlot, one I've had several times before.

Unless you want a really spicy hot experience, don't drink merlot with General Tao's Chicken.  The wine multiplied the effect of the spices, my mouth burned, my lips burned.  Although, it did clear my sinuses.  Maybe that's why they always serve tea at Chinese restaurants.

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