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Monday, August 26, 2013

Soapbox Time

The recent senseless murders in Oklahoma and Washington make my blood boil.  This is one more example of the deterioration of respect of any kind in our country.

The males arrested in this case claimed they were bored so they decided to kill someone.  Of course, some in the media blame this on the fact that there are no jobs.  They don't want to mention some of the other reasons. 

In the other case of the WWII veteran who was beaten and left for dead, I haven't heard any reason for the attack, except that it was a probable robbery.  What cowards those males are, two young, strong men against an elderly man.

There is no respect for human life in this country.  An injured or abused animal gets more attention than the abuse of a person.  If these males in Oklahoma and Washington had abused an animal, there would have an outcry in all the media.

Now, I'm going to be HUGELY POLITICALLY INCORRECT.  I wonder if any think tank would be courageous enough to do a study on the increase in violence across our country since the supreme court issued their decision in Roe V. Wade. 

I truly believe that since some people believe abortion is OK when a pregnancy is inconvenient, those some people think there would be no problem in eliminating inconvenient people if they don't hand over their money when you tell them to, or when they're bored and want some excitement.

We need to go back to our original  values of family, respect for others and ourselves.

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BetteJo said...

I mourn the values people used to hold. Now our kids are not taught right and wrong in school anymore because that would be judging people. I am sick to death of all of it. Kill unborn babies but God forbid you execute a murdered. Ugh!! You're right. No respect for human life at the beginning - the middle - or the end. Sad.