Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

On my recent trip to France, we visited the beaches of D-Day. We saw the battlefield and the guns that greeted our boys as they landed. We saw the scars in the earth from the battles.

 We also saw the more than 9,000 graves of our fallen. 
At the cemetery. they had a ceremony which started with the Star Spangled Banner. At first, we only heard the music, first it started as a low murmur, then slightly louder until it became full fledged singing of our National Anthem by all who attended. It ended with Taps and a moment of silence.

Each of us was then given a rose to place on the grave of a soldier of our choice. I chose a boy from New York, although as I think about it now, I should have chosen the grave of an unknown.   

 On this Memorial Day I think about all those boys who died in the various wars.  I also think about the families of those who are buried in the cemeteries around the world.  I especially think about  and remember those who have never been identified and who are "Known but to God".
Thank you all.





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Anonymous said...

I too have been there and it is overwhelming.Thanks for the photos. linda