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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thoughts on the Scandals

I'm not going to go into specifics on the recent news events/scandals.  Much has already been said about Benghazi, the AP, James Rosen of Fox News, the IRS and whatever else may come up in the next few minutes.

Yesterday, I was watching some clips of the president's chief-of-staff.  I noticed that he was speaking very fast and filed it in the back of my mind.  Then I noticed some other people in the administration also speaking very fast, when they weren't telling us they didn't remember or that something was irrelevant.

I had seen this pattern of fastspeak before.  Many years ago, I had a meeting with the principal of my boys' school.  We were interrupted because a 1st grader was inconsolable because he missed his mother.  A few months before he started school, an older brother had died of cancer so the principal understood his problem.  She started speaking to him and gradually increased the speed of her words to distract him.  Before long, he was feeling better.

It seems that fastspeak is very effective as a distraction.  This seems to be what we are hearing from the administration.

I do find it odd that no one on the president's staff has told him about all the problems they are facing and that he had to hear it on the tv news (which he has said he doesn't watch).  I was a secretary to the president of my company and she wanted to know all about any problems or potential problems.  That's what being a good administrator is all about.

This leads me to this observation.  Was the president not told about these problems because his staff wanted him to be able to honestly deny knowledge, or did he orchestrate them.  Or, as another thought, is the president a front or puppet for someone else?  Someone who is pulling the strings.  I wonder who that could be.

Until more in the mainstream media start looking into Benghazi, the AP, James Rosen and the IRS, it will be like it always is.  The democrats get away with everything and the republicans get prosecuted and harrassed.

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Your comments are right on...