Monday, March 19, 2012


I feel just awful.  When I moved in my home six years ago, I bought a very nice white, upholstered chair for my bedroom.  It had a nice scale, a little smaller than the usual chair and it rocked.  It fit just perfectly by the bay windows.

Unfortunately, Crash and Burn also loved the chair, Burnie particularly.  Since I keep them in the bedroom at night, the chair had a lot of wear and tear with the emphasis on tear.  No matter how hard I tried to teach him, Burnie just wouldn't climb in the chair the usual way, from the front.  All he had to do was stretch his front paws on the seat cushion and pull himself up.  He either couldn't or wouldn't do it right.

He insisted on climbing up the back of the chair and then going over the back to land on the seat cushion.  As a result, the chair looks like this.


I decided the chair has to go.  We're having a bulk pickup tomorrow and yesterday I moved the chair out of the bedroom, near the front door.  A few minutes later I passed the chair and saw this.  I guess this is  Burnie's way of telling me that it's his chair and I can't take it.

 Today when I passed the chair, I saw this.

They're ganging up on me.  They hardly ever get this close to each other.  I feel guilty, but the chair has to go.

When I was moving it into the garage, I could hear them crying behind the closed door.  It's now outside, there's no turning back, but I suppose I'll have to get another chair.  Only this new one will not be upholstered, no more scratching and tearing of furniture.

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