Saturday, March 24, 2012


You know that old stereotype about ladies gossiping while getting their hair done?  I think it's just a rumor.  I've never heard any good gossip, but I have heard some other good stuff.

Yesterday, I travelled up to Queens to my usual hairdresser.  I know I should get someone here in NJ, but she's so good and I like to see the old neighborhood.  She was telling me about her day working in a nursing home where she takes care of the patients' hair.

While she was there, she met a woman who was visiting a friend who was a patient.  The visitor mentioned that she was 84 years old and still drives and EVEN skis, something she only started doing when she was 46.  Remarkable, I hope I'll be as active when I'm that old.

We also got to talking about sleep.  The customer after me mentioned that she doesn't sleep much.  She only sleeps about 3 hours, then gets up and usually has something to eat like a sandwich.  Then she'll get another 3 hours sleep.  This woman only weighs about 100 pounds.  Maybe I should try her way of doing things.

While we were on the subject of sleep, I mentioned my FITBIT and how I'm able to track my sleep and my exercise.  Suddenly, everyone wanted to see this great little toy.  They all wanted to know where to get it.

Then we went on to talk about other meaningful things like cats and dogs and helpful neighbors, but there was no juicy gossip.

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