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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

I learned that lesson the hard way this week. I'm the editor of our community newspaper and the deadline for submissions was last Sunday. I spent the early part of this week checking the articles and preparing them for the paper. I sent them out for proofreading, and reformatted them. Everything was going along smoothly, so smoothly that I was tempted to bring them to the publisher early. But, a couple other members of the staff wanted to go, so I decided not to change the date.

I went happily along and took my time setting everything up. After all my files are together, I have to save them on a memory stick and bring to the publisher. Since I had four days I took my time and decided to wait to save to the memory stick until Sunday. BIG MISTAKE.

Thursday morning I discovered that I couldn't save anything in Word. I did what computer experts have long suggested. I shut my pc down for a couple of hours. When I started it up guessed it. Nothing happened. Dead. My first thought was that everything was lost.

Fortunately, my son knows me very well. He signed me up for automatic back-up (thank you, thank you Bill) and everything on my computer is backed-up.

I spent the better part of today accessing my newspaper documents and pictures and saving them on my laptop. Now all I have to do is sort them and, of course, save them to the memory stick.

Of course, now my next project of scanning my menus will have to wait until I decide whether to install the scanner on my laptop or wait until I get my replacement computer. I was so looking forward to working on them. I even bought more frames, mats and backing for them.

At least nothing was lost.


HMK said...

That's the type of thing that happens to me too.
I think of Murphy's Law-
And of course Procrastination.
The grade school proverb resounds in my mind "Never put off.........." (Blah, Blah, Blah)
The paper is a BIG job & you have been working on it for the past month and more.

Pamela said...

we signed up for carbonite, too. Then a few weeks ago my husband had something crash. I said.. wow, sure glad we have carbonite.
And then he admitted that he hadn'ttaken the time to add that particular class preparation to the files. I was peeved!