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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lesson from a Messy Office

When I worked, I was notoriously known for my messy work area. I remember one time when my boss was expecting the chairman of the company. As she walked by my desk she told me to clean my desk quickly, even if it meant putting everything on the floor under my desk.

The only problem with my desk was aesthetic. The various piles of papers and files never interfered with my performance. I knew where everything was. I could pick out a letter or file at a moments' notice. No one could understand my system. That's known as job security.

Now that I'm retired, my office and desk are still messy. Usually I can find everything although it does take a little while. The other day I wanted to work on a new project.

I have some beautiful menus from a cruise I took to Bermuda on the Queen of Bermuda many, many years ago. I had been keeping the menus in a plastic bag in a drawer marked "Memorabilia". I went to the drawer and they weren't there. I checked every drawer. I couldn't find them. I've been trying to organize my office, but I knew I would not have thrown them out. I looked all over.

Finally I found them buried under some paper on my desk. Now, all I have to do is scan and print them. I don't want to use the originals since the cover has some very ornate drawings and the food selections inside are very interesting. I thought it would be nice to frame them and hang them on the wall from the dining room to the kitchen, right next to the bookcase holding my extensive cookbook collection.

I think I may have learned my lesson. It's time to clean my desk.


Mary P. ms/sss said...

I like the idea of portraits of restaurant menus hanging on your wall near the dining, kitchen, and cookbooks area of your home. Good choice! Send us a picture, once your project is completed.

BetteJo said...

Don't they say 'a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind' or something like that?

Faye Acklin said...

Well, at least you learned it, Cathy. It might be too late because there's no more boss to see that you're changing things up, but it's still something that other people can pick up from. After all, when it comes to office workspace, to each his own. Sooner or later, they will also have their own realizations. :)