Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jazz and the Economy

Tonight the local high school jazz band came to the community to play. They are so good, and so young. The band came in 3rd in a statewide competition and two of the members won special awards.

Because of the economic situation and cutbacks, this may be their last year. I have mixed emotions about that. As a fan and parent, I feel badly for them, but as a taxpayer I have no problem with the cutbacks. I guess another reason that I don't have much sympathy is that, since my boys went to Catholic schools through high school we paid for all the extras like sports. I'm sure, if they had wanted music, we would have paid for their instruments and lessons.

I also realized something tonight. I like jazz even though it is very loud.


HMK said...

I couldn't get to Jazz concert.
You blog seems fine.
It reflects several issues.
That's good.

See you im AM

Snooty Primadona said...

So glad to hear the world of jazz has a new fan. I've always loved it!

Anonymous said...

I too have mixed feelings about possible cuts in extra activities in schools. But when I hear of the amount per tax payer, it makes the decision easy, we will be paying our entire lives. Linda

Anonymous said...

I have days like this and I usually just decide we all need this kind of day sometimes. linda