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Saturday, May 22, 2010


As they say, timing is everything. Yesterday I went up to Queens to have my hair done. Earlier in the week I was tempted to cancel the appointment since it came out great. The waves went just the right way and it was shiny. I knew it wouldn't last so I kept my appointment.

When Connie asked how I wanted my hair done, I said the usual way - blown straight, away from my face with wispy or side bangs. As usual, she did a great job.

We started talking and she suggested that I have the highlights done at my next appointment and then I mentioned that I'm looking for a change. I'm bored with my hair. She suggested that I let the layers grow out, which I'll try.

I can't understand why I didn't mention this in the beginning. I would have my new style now instead of waiting 6-8 weeks.

1 comment:

HMK said...

You'll be all set by the river cruise.
It looks great by the way!