Sunday, October 2, 2016

Handy Andy

Ever since I was a little girl and followed my father to his workshop in the basement, I have been fascinated by tools and do-it-yourself.

I consider myself fairly handy; I have installed floor tiles in my bedroom when I was a teenager.  Later, I hung wallpaper in my son's room.  I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.  Then I took it on myself to stain furniture and, of course, paint.  I even wired a lamp that I painted myself.

Since I moved into this house I've pretty much belonged to the Call a Handyman Club.  But, I've been restless looking for a project.

I noticed that whenever I have company, they always congregate around the island in my kitchen.  I had never thought much about getting barstools for this island, but lately I realized that I do need them.

I went on looking for barstools to match the chairs in the kitchen, which are wood.  I found just the stools I liked, until I saw the price.  Each stool was over $100 and since I wanted three stools I thought that was way too much money, especially since I really didn't NEED them, I just WANTED them.  I kept looking for several weeks until I saw one I liked.  I finally found the stools at a reasonable price for three of them.  The total price was under $150 for all three.

They arrived about two weeks ago and the box just sat there waiting to be assembled.  I found all kinds of excuses until today when I decided that I had to try and see if I still had it.

Here's the result:

Of course, I had a little help.  As soon as the box was opened, Burnie jumped in and took a nap.  That left Crash with the job of supervising.  She did a very good job.

That leaves one down and two to go, although so far I only found enough hardware for two chairs, I'll have to hunt for the other packet.

I'm very proud of myself.  If you ever need any furniture assembled, you know where to find me.

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