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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Donald jTrump

I can't take it any more.  There are so many problems in our world and everyone is condemning Donald Trump.  Horrors!  He said a dirty  word, or several dirty words.  Since so many people are offended by these words and  know their meanings, I can only assume that one or more of those same people have used those words at one time or another so that they know what they mean.  We all know Donald Trump is not politically correct.  We also have to remember that he worked in construction where there is a lot of locker room talk.

Because of Hurricane Matthew there are close to 900 fewer people in Haiti, and about 13 fewer people in our country.  A real problem.

Russia is refusing to stop aiding the Syrian government by their bombing the rebels and then condemned us for our bombing in that country. Another real problem.

We have just received word that according to WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton's speeches were at odds with her 2016 platform.  Surprise!  Another real problem.

There was a policewoman in Chicago (I believe) who was beaten by an assailant and was afraid to fire her weapon because of possible condemnation by the media.  Yet another real problem.

We had a president who had sex with an intern in the White House, OUR HOUSE, and Hillary Clinton called the intern a, "narcissistic loony toon."   If a CEO of any company had engaged in such behavior, he  would have been fired immediately.   In other cases, she allegedly bullied the women who accused Bill Clinton of rape and harassment.  Yet, Hillary Clinton is considered a "champion" of women.   Still another problem.

Hillary Clinton used a private server for her emails while Secretary of State.  She then lied about it and destroyed some of her equipment and had her hard drive completely erased.  I'm getting tired of all these problems.

Republicans are taking back their endorsements of Donald Trump.  Those cowards are asking him to resign as candidate for president of our country, just because he said some dirty words..  Grow up folks, we have REAL problems facing our country.

We have so any more problems facing our country and world that we should just put Donald Trump's gutter mouth behind us and look at the true issues facing us this election.

I just want to go on the record as saying that although I don't approve of this language, I would rather have a foul mouthed president that I can trust to improve our economy, lower the true unemployment rate, improve race relations, support our troops and police, improve our standing in the eyes of our friends and enemies than to have a president that I cannot trust to tell the truth about her health and will lie about anything just to get her way just because she hasn't been recorded saying dirty words..

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